EmuVR Beta Launch!

EmuVR Beta is LIVE!
This is not a drill!

How to participate? Go here to enter our beta testing community: www.emuvr.net/beta
This is still very WIP, many features are still being worked on, but now you can play while we keep improving it together!

PS: I’m sorry for the radio silence for a while, and thank you for your patience. I was just working on it nonstop, concentrating on the launch. The beta started internally a week ago with me sending invites to every single person that just asked directly for it since 2015. That’s how everyone got an invite, just by asking! But I couldn’t make that info public just yet because I could receive 100s of requests while I was trying to fix game breaking bugs in time. And today it is finally stable enough for everyone to try, so let’s do this!

Comments ( 6 )

  • Javier
    Good, i want try the beta hehehehehe
  • Shaun Kahler
    This is absolutely fucking insane. WOW. Graphics are on point, I am absolutely blown away. This is a passion project, no doubt. I want in. My goal has been to make a new OS for Oculus Go to run, something equivalent to jailbreaking. Facebook is bullshit, I want to take the"man" down. I'd love to be a part of whatever you're doing. Also if you want some kick-ass nostalgia, check out '96 weather channel lol. Been watching it all day on YouTube.
    Extremely cool idea, kudos! I'm just wondering, do I get a better picture quality if I use SCART-cable? :P
  • Wade
    Is there any way to add custom models to the game? Like the Genesis and Gameboy models are currently black generic boxes :)
  • Matteo Trevisan
    Great Work! To be a beta it's just too much! i have installed and played NES FAMICOM Tiger Eli and Operation Wolf games that i hav the real cassette and seems to be in my room playing with an old Cathode ray tube TV and my console. Thank you for your work and your big funny community. Toolkitman
  • HJD1984
    Can you play lightgun games on this emulator ?

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