Support EmuVR Development!

EmuVR is a labor of love, and will always be FREE! If you want to support us and help development, or just want to say thanks, you can donate through Patreon!

Why Patreon, and why not Paypal, you ask? Because Paypal decided they don't want to have anything to do with emulators, so we can't receive donations through them. People kept asking us why they couldn't donate, so we created a Patreon page, as it is the only way we're able to let you help us.

If you want to make a single contribution instead of monthly donations, it's easy! You can just make your pledge and wait after the first of the month to remove it. Done! Single donation.
You can contribute towards the creation of cool environments, like a kid's bedroom or a video game museum, creation of game console and arcade models, online features, modding support, and even help us get hold of better hardware for development, such as HMDs with hand controllers, to properly support them!

Any amount is very helpful to let us improve on EmuVR, so thank you!

If you want to help solely because of the emulation part, you should support the hardworking creators of Retroarch and Libretro cores instead (which are also free), they helped making this possible!