EmuVR Beta Launch!

EmuVR Beta is LIVE!
This is not a drill!

How to participate? Go here to enter our beta testing community: www.emuvr.net/beta
This is still very WIP, many features are still being worked on, but now you can play while we keep improving it together!

PS: I’m sorry for the radio silence for a while, and thank you for your patience. I was just working on it nonstop, concentrating on the launch. The beta started internally a week ago with me sending invites to every single person that just asked directly for it since 2015. That’s how everyone got an invite, just by asking! But I couldn’t make that info public just yet because I could receive 100s of requests while I was trying to fix game breaking bugs in time. And today it is finally stable enough for everyone to try, so let’s do this!

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