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EmuVR is currently in open beta, with frequent updates to fix issues and add new features.

Version 1.0.11

Version 1.0.11 was released on December 24, 2022.

You can find the download link in the Installation Guide page.

  • New command to freeze objects in place. (Hold the "Attach Cable" button for 1 second while holding or pointing at an object.)
  • Frozen objects can't be accidentally (or intentionally) grabbed or even move at all until you unfreeze them back with the same command.
  • New GunCon light gun models with five variations (USA, Europe, Japan, Blue, Red). Amazing work by Roughneck Jackal, generously donated to the project!
  • New NES Zapper (Gray) variation.
  • You can select the light gun models you prefer for each system in Game Scanner. GunCon for the NES? Sure! (It already chooses matching cool models for each system for you by default when you click to enable light gun mode for them.)
  • All light guns are also available as decorative objects for you room from the inventory.
  • Huge optimizations when loading a lot of games, now they won't use all your RAM even if you scroll through thousands of them in the inventory. (This, combined with the Game Scanner optimizations below, makes it easier to import thousands of games in EmuVR.)
  • Massive optimizations to Game Scanner:
    • Scanning is now way faster (how much faster depends on the kind of games and systems you have)
    • Now it only scans new or changed files (after your first scan with this update), which means if you have thousands of games and want to add just a couple more, your next scan will be almost instant.
    • It won't waste time looking into every folder in your Games folder, but only the ones you've actually added to Game Scanner. It won't spend any time looking into unsupported files types either.
    • Automatically ignores zip files for disc based systems.
  • Instantaneous Acceleration mode can also be enabled in desktop mode.
  • Fix default core options being disabled after switching cores.
  • New default bindings for GameCube games, more intuitive and closely matching the controller button positions.
  • Fix issue with very low framerates and glitchy pink screens with some GameCube games on newer core builds.
  • Fix issue where both light guns would be hidden if you hold both triggers.


Version was released to Discord on July 10, 2022.

  • Fix AMD graphics cards compatibility with PCSX2, PPSSPP, Citra and Mupen64Plus. (All cores now work with AMD cards just like with Nvidia)
  • Fix compatibility with DOSBox-Pure's new Windows 98 support feature.
  • Fix compatibility with latest builds of Dolphin, Flycast and PPSSPP, which brings performance optimizations, compatibility with more games and bug fixes. Here are some highlights:
    • Dolphin (Wii / GameCube): Fixes Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door; Supports .rvz file format;
    • Flycast (Dreamcast): Supports Sega Naomi 2 games (early stages);
    • PPSSPP (PSP): Fixes games with flickering and shaking issues;
    • (Make sure to update these cores in Game Scanner)
  • New settings: Bloom, Screen Scratches, Games Directional Audio and Light Under Door.
  • Dimmer control: press Up / Down while pointing at it to dim the lights.
  • Add an Auto-Fire / Turbo toggle for light guns.
  • Fix "alternative detach command" (L3+R3+L2+R2) for PS2 games not working in Oculus mode.
  • Fix some core settings not syncing to clients.
  • Fix issue where games would freeze and crash if you pressed light gun buttons too fast in VR mode on some systems.
  • Fix issue where toggling the baseboard would sometimes not sync to clients.
  • Fix light switch flick sound always playing when you load a room save.
  • Unlock mouse cursor after exiting full screen mode.
  • Fix EmuVR window floating away if you try to drag it as soon as it starts and Start with Mouse Locked is enabled.
  • Fix weird issue where VR players would very slowly drift downwards into the ground after many hours of play.
  • Add new setting to override your local time zone for Real Time Clock mode. (Edit settings.ini and add e.g. time_zone = "-5")
  • Store ceiling fan's on/off state with room saves.
  • Fix screen bezels not being perfectly aligned on all TVs.
  • Fix overscan cropping with DOS/Win98 games.
  • Load the actual "default" audio and subtitle tracks from videos instead of just using the "first" found language in the list.
  • Add support for more subtitle formats instead of only .ASS, like .SRT (still must be embedded, no external subs support yet).
  • Video subtitles can now be disabled (cycle through them with RB).
  • New cores: SAME CDi (Philips CDi), Minivmac (Macintosh II), a5200 (Atari 5200)
  • More performance optimizations.


Version was released to Discord on March 9, 2022.

  • New and easier way to match custom labels images, specially for label packs, by matching folders by "media name" and alternatively ignoring region tags.
  • Add support for "machine gun mode" Light Gun games, where your aim updates at all times and not only when you click the trigger.
  • It's now easier to find your playable games in the inventory in netplay mode: Group games by netplay matching state (a.k.a. wifi icon) within each system list for convenience. At the top, all the games that everyone has (no icon); Followed games at least *you* have but someone else in the room does not (green wifi icon); Followed by games that you don't have (orange wifi icon).
  • Fix EmuVR completely freezing and crashing if a game freezes in Retroarch (including from port forwarding issues, which will now warn you in the netplay log panel).
  • Fix issue where games would crash if they switch internal resolutions many times in a row too quickly.
  • Fix audio from games coming from PC speakers instead of Oculus devices in some instances since the previous version.
  • Fix issue where disabling your voice chat while hosting would also disable it for everyone else.
  • Fix objects slowly sliding away when stacked over consoles with spinning discs.
  • Fix PS2 being spawned as a generic console in the "Default Room".
  • Fix PS2 games still showing up as generic cartridges if you forgot to apply the update properly by loading Game Scanner once.
  • Fix issue where randomly spawned PS2 and NES consoles couldn't fit into some of the default spawning spots.
  • Fix clients seeing NES cartridges (or VHS) sticking out through the console's closed lid when they join a room.
  • Fix missing wifi icon on SNES cartridges (when you don't have the the same games in netplay mode).
  • Make game desync icon (wifi icon) a bit more noticeable over labels (when you don't have the the same games in netplay mode).
  • Tweak default text padding on disc labels.
  • Make it easier to close GameCube's lid with your hand.
  • Add alternative "detach from game" command for PS2 games that need it.
  • Fix Force Resync command not working with VR controllers for light gun games.
  • Fix light gun calibration and reloading for SwanStation (PS1).
  • Fix light gun reloading for 3DO games (Opera core).
  • Fix issue where the lighting color from a TV could affect lights from other TVs.
  • Fix issue where when you turn off a TV, it could cause other TVs to flicker.
  • Fix issue where clients that just joined a room would see very bright lights coming from already powered on TVs without games until they're turned off then on again.
  • Fix netplay input for light gun games that use the player 2 controller slot (e.g. SNES Super Scope, Sega Genesis Menacer).
  • Disable player 2 controller for light gun games while not in netplay mode (fixes some games waiting for player 2's gun calibration).
  • Automatically restart and resync console if it disconnects for any reason in netplay.
  • Fix issue where clients without matching game would still try to run Retroarch and sync cores with no game.
  • Fix issue where stopping and hosting a netplay session again wouldn't work in some cases until you restart EmuVR.
  • Fix issue where after a client passes the controller to the host in some cases a game would have super speed, no audio, and get disconnected.
  • Fix rare case where detaching from light gun games on higher pings could cause a netplay desync.
  • Don't show dedicated server as an invisible host player in netplay's lobby.
  • Room save thumbnails won't capture floating hands with no head anymore if you were alone. Still captures full players if saving with friends.
  • Fix spawning games and objects from inventory with slightly different sizes in some cases when using VR controllers.
  • Scroll inventory with keyboard arrows and page up/down.
  • Fix jerky inventory menu scrolling when using the mouse wheel.
  • Fix games in inventory menu sometimes briefly showing labels from other games before loading their own label when scrolling through them.
  • Fix issue where grabbing a disc game from the inventory as a client would briefly show a placeholder texture instead of the hourglass icon while loading its label.
  • Fix accidentally showing Retroarch menu by pressing Start + Select: now it must be held for half a second to be triggered.
  • Disable some Retroarch menu button hotkeys that get in the way while trying to play in EmuVR (search, more info, scan).
  • Disable mouse clicks affecting Retroarch menus by default.
  • Fix glitchy input in Retroarch menus when using VR controllers.
  • Set default keyboard bindings for L2, R2 and left analog stick.
  • Fix analog stick input not fully going up to 100% to the left or down in some games.
  • Fix audio from games sometimes slowly fading in after you turn on a console.
  • Major optimization to loading times in EmuVR if you have a very large game library (around 70% faster and 70% less memory allocation).
  • Greatly optimize performance and memory usage when scrolling through thousands of games in inventory. (Adding thousands of games is still not recommended or supported, can cause instability or random issues, and will still take ages to scan.)
  • Fix some netplay errors when the host has thousands of games. (Adding thousands of games is still not recommended or supported, can cause instability or random issues, and will still take ages to scan.)
  • Fix SwanStation (PS1) overscan cropping and pixel-perfect resolution rendering.
  • Fix Dolphin still displaying yellow OSD messages in most cases.
  • Fix netplay support for MelonDS (no stylus or "wireless" support though, it's single player only, like GBA).
  • Add proper default core settings, input and shaders for PrBoom (Doom), Tyrquake (Quake), VitaQuake 2 (Quake 2), VitaQuake 3 (Quake 3), Boom3 (Doom 3), ScummVM.
  • New cores: SwanStation (PlayStation), Mesen-S (SNES, Game Boy, Super Game Boy), FB Alpha (Arcade), Gearcoleco (ColecoVision), TIC-80.
  • Game Scanner:
    • Show your current EmuVR version.
    • Notifies you if there's a new EmuVR update available (this is not an automatic update or download).
    • Autofill will now attempt to automatically detect and enable special input modes for you from folder names. Some examples: "NES (Zapper)", "SNES Super Scope", "PlayStation (GunCon)", "PS1 Light Guns", "Arcade (Lightgun)", Dreamcast (Keyboard), SNES Mouse. (This is automatic but only for newly added folders.)
    • Automatically download and install needed additional files for Dolphin and PPSSPP if needed.
    • Automatically create empty BIOS folders for PCSX2 for you just to help with paths and typos.
    • [Update Core List] is now [Update Core Data].
    • [Core Update] will attempt to kill zombie Retroarch processes locking the old file and warn you if the core still couldn't be successfully updated.
    • Fix autofill not detecting any PS2 folder names (including "PS2").
    • Add ScummVM to Autofill.
    • Fix scanning unsupported .rvz and .m3u extensions for Dolphin.
    • Fix .bin files being ignored if they're referenced by a .cue file but the core doesn't support it (i.e. PCSX2).
    • Fix .bin files still being added as duplicated games from .cue files in some cases.
    • Fix Retroarch scan section (first half) sometimes adding files with unsupported extensions from some folders.
    • Show relative paths for each system folder instead of full directories.
  • Tons of performance optimizations all around in EmuVR.

Version 1.0.10

Version 1.0.10 was released to Discord on December 24, 2021.

  • New models for consoles and their cartridges / discs:
    • PlayStation 2 (Backward compatible with PS1 games. Can also play DVD movies!)
    • GameCube (With mini-DVDs)
    • NES
    • SNES (PAL)
    • Super Famicom (Japanese SNES)
    • SNES (Proper model remade from the ground up, the old one was just a crude placeholder)
    • DVD movies (No DVD player model yet, use the PS2 as a player for now)
  • The different SNES models are not region locked: cartridges are interchangeable.
  • PS2 has two disc options: normal looking DVD games and the blue CD games.
  • Add support to the new PlayStation 2 PCSX2 core with way better compatibility. (Still alpha)
  • Internal voice chat feature with positional audio and lots of settings. No need to rely on Discord or other external voice chat software anymore.
    • See who's speaking.
    • Mute your own mic or other players (saved between sessions).
    • Change your own mic or other players' voice volume.
    • Automatic voice detection.
    • Ducking (temporarily lower games volume while anyone is speaking).
  • Fix objects sometimes starting inside other objects or floating in the air when joining a friend with a high ping from you.
  • Fix generic console's cartridges not being fully inserted at start when loading saves or joining a netplay session.
  • Fix higher CPU usage on games while not controlling them as a client in netplay.
  • Improve netplay bandwidth for games that use actual analog stick input.
  • Clients will now recover and resume downloading custom textures after a transfer failure from the host.
  • Fix displaying innacurrate ping values lower then they really were.
  • Fix SNES labels briefly flashing white while loading netplay remote textures instead of displaying a hourglass.
  • Fix sped up NES Zapper games after detaching from them on netplay.
  • Automatically restart TCP port if it suddenly fails for the next clients.
  • Fix not being able to host videos with filenames containing "#".
  • Add configurable and easier to use "create new empty room" button to save slots.
  • Fix very last save slot not auto-loading.
  • Fix thumbnail from the first save slot being duplicated and shown on every empty slot.
  • Remove room save warning message.
  • Fix consoles showing as powered on in the inventory.
  • Prevent new models with new sizes and shapes from exploding with physics after loading older room saves made with previous models.
  • Show currently windowed custom resolution in the settings menu dropdown.
  • Fix halloween gargoyle sometimes not having shadows at night, or having double shadows during the day.
  • Fix missing shadows from falling leaves when not looking directly at the window.
  • Fix a visible little gap under the distant background trees if you're really tall in VR.
  • Swap up and down volume buttons on the '90s TV.
  • New animation when inserting PS1 discs.
  • Make it easier to insert PS1 discs with hands.
  • Fix cartridges/CDs sometimes shaking when you hover them over a system's slot.
  • Fix graphical glitch when hovering the SNES with your hand.
  • Fix CDs sometimes flickering and clipping through each other when stacked.
  • Fix being able to get yourself stuck inside shelves when pressing Reset Height in desktop mode.
  • Fix triggering the Toggle HUD hotkey (H) while typing into text fields.
  • Fix audio coming from muted TVs (volume 0) if you turn a console off then on.
  • Fix audio from turned off or muted TVs still playing until you move your head after joining a netplay room.
  • Fix games positional audio and volume being broken after toggling Retroarch's menu until you move your head.
  • Improve rendering quality on some cores without pixel perfect rendering.
  • Fix vertical aliasing on videos encoded using DAR.
  • Fix aliasing and cropping on PAL PS1 games with Beetle PSX.
  • Use Xaudio driver on games (fixes crackling audio on some machines).
  • Increase system folders limit in Game Scanner from 50 to 100.
  • Fix mouse wheel not scrolling dropdowns in Game Scanner.
  • Game Scanner will warn user if ComSpec environment variable is missing.
  • Add more useful data to diag tool to help with #troubleshooting.
  • Disable default keyboard input and use Kempstom Joystick on Fuse (ZX Spectrum).
  • Disable default keyboard and mouse input on Vice (Commodore 64).
  • Enable Automatic Load Warp by default on Vice (Commodore 64).
  • Enable right analog as stylus by default on DeSmuME (NDS).
  • Enable controlling right D-PAD with right analog by default on Beetle VB (Virtual Boy)
  • Disable vertical stretching on some Wii games.
  • Fix issue where distance-grabbing objects would slam everything along their trajectory. (Regression)
  • Fix players sometimes being able to look down backwards past 90 degrees with reversed walking buttons.
  • Fix longstanding issue where removing media from systems using hands would make them jump and explode. (e.g. grabbing a VHS from a VCR would punch it away.)
  • More performance optimization and bug fixes.


Version was released to Discord on April 27, 2021.

  • You can now change the volume on each TV using controllers or hands, with an on-screen display. (Synced through Netplay and saved with your levels.)
  • New global TV volume setting (multiplies all individual TV volumes).
  • Add new command to force a netplay resync. If you've noticed you're desynced, use this and everyone will be in sync again.
  • Fix NES Zapper games in netplay mode. Play Duck Hunt with friends! (Experimental)
  • EmuVR will now apply SteamVR controllers bindings automatically for you. (Experimental)
  • Add SteamVR bindings for HP Motion Controllers (HP Reverb G2).
  • Fix HP Motion Controllers alignment.
  • Automatically disable SteamVR's unreliable default "auto resolution" for EmuVR for a performance boost.
  • Add a virtual keyboard for Netplay Menu text fields in VR mode. No more looking for your real keyboard to touch type room codes or your names.
  • Restart games with netplay-exclusive settings (which are needed to work but can't be changed mid-game) when start/stopping netplay mode:
    • Fix single player light gun issues for some games (like being stuck in player 2's calibration, or controlling both players).
    • Fix or improve N64 netplay desyncing with some games.
  • Add button to show list of supported file types for each core in Game Scanner.
  • New [Update Core] button to download latest version of any core again.
  • You don't need to restart Game Scanner anymore after clicking [Update Core List].
  • "Force Oculus.exe" and "Force Virtual Desktop Streamer.exe" will now make sure SteamVR is not running in the background and killing your performance.
  • Make SNES model colors more accurate (still a "preview" model).
  • Fix a little glitch in the N64's model.
  • Fix PS1's tray staying open if you start a game just after opening it.
  • Fix NES Zapper off-screen shot detection for some games, e.g. to select game mode in Duck Hunt.
  • Fix editable text selection with mouse or VR pointers in Netplay Menu.
  • Properly detect CAPS LOCK when writing in text fields.
  • Room code and password are now case insensitive.
  • Fix VR hands pointer not clicking immediately when changing hands (good for two-hand typing with our new ingame keyboard).
  • Improve analog precision and D-Pad diagonals for VR controllers when controlling games.
  • New cores and changes:
    • RETRO8 (PICO-8) (Still pretty alpha)
    • DuckStation is now called SwanStation.
    • Bsnes is also available as a Game Boy core (for SGB).
  • Increase performance a lot for all DOSBox cores with new optimal default settings.
  • Enable deinterlacing mode by default for DuckStation/SwanStation.
  • Fix broken compatibility with new core options API for some cores.
  • Fix core options not loading properly for DuckStation/SwanStation, DOSBox-pure and Vice.
  • Fix wrong aspect ratio for NDS, 3DS, GBA and PSP games.
  • Don't use Gamecube controllers by default for Wii games, use Wii Remote instead (this is not VR motion controls).
  • Don't show Dolphin's yellow OSD messages.
  • Fix Beetle GBA not saving games properly.
  • Fix left analog also pressing the D-Pad on Dreamcast games.
  • Fix broken cores: Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii), PPSSPP (PSP), Vice (Commodore 64) and MAME (Arcade). If you already had them before this update, you'll need to update them using the new [Update Core] button found in Core Options to apply the fix.
  • Fix scanning ScummVM and DOSBox-Pure games.
  • Download joystick autoconfig updates with the core list update. (Helps with newer Dinput controllers. Still not actually supported.)
  • Fix not being able to save device code in Game Scanner properly when manually set to "1".
  • Fix some cases where one Arcade game would repeat its name over your other Arcade games in the inventory.
  • Fix not being able to use manually shared custom core dlls with netplay.
  • Fix not loading No-Intro named label images for games with special characters in their detected titles.
  • Warn if host and clients don't have the same Retroarch version (when you forget to apply the patch from Game Scanner after updating EmuVR).
  • Fix sometimes not cancelling the cable attachment highlighting mode when controlling a game in VR mode (which had a performance impact when playing games).
  • Default to one-handed light gun mode. (Remember you can change hands by pressing the trigger, or change it back to two-handed mode in the settings menu).
  • Default "Show Player Names" mode to "Auto" (i.e. 3 or more players).
  • Fix clients not being able to toggle Real Time Clock mode from settings menu.
  • Fix objects sometimes still being able to get stuck outside. (Again.)
  • Fix pushing yourself back with your VR head against the walls instead of fading the screen to black (regression).
  • Fix room reflections not updating while changing the clock time too fast (regression).
  • Fix not actually shutting down Retroarch after 5 seconds as said on screen if netplay connection failed.
  • Fix increased CPU usage from Windows' DNS Client Service while Retroarch is hosting netplay. (Weird bug from Windows 10 2004 update.)
  • Detect lots of new useful data with Game Scanner's diag tool to help with #troubleshooting.
  • Increase available room save slots to 35.
  • New radical example/default poster.
  • New additions to the Wiki:
  • Lots of new secrets and easter eggs.
  • More performance optimizations and bug squashing.

Version 1.0.9

Version 1.0.9 was released to Discord on December 12, 2020.

  • Add Netplay support:
    • Basically everything is synced between players: All custom textures from your room and labels, spawning, moving and deleting objects, games, consoles and TVs, light from flashlights, candles and ceiling lamp, time of day, seasons, inserting games, attaching cables, loading saved rooms (host), light guns, playing music and videos (experimental), playing games, Retroarch and you.
  • Changing seasons is now instant, no need to reload the room anymore.
  • Saving a room will now also store the currently set season with it.
  • Improve custom labels memory usage dramatically: the 400 games limit is now waived. (There must be some limit, be careful. Thousands of games can cause still instability, and will take ages to scan.)
  • You can now change the color of your hands (and head, since others can see you now.)
  • It's now easier give a thumbs up without accidentally distance-grabbing objects.
  • Improve thumbs up pose.
  • Don't show laser pointer with closed hands.
  • Fix black or very dark labels when using Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop and starting EmuVR before mounting the HMD.
  • Fix a bug when using Oculus Link where hands would jump to a random position in the room when controllers get inactive.
  • Fix deadlock in EmuVR if Retroarch hangs in some cases.
  • Fix mouse lock state sometimes getting stuck after detaching from light gun games in VR mode.
  • Fix right click cursor lock state getting stuck when loading levels.
  • Fix VR gaze cursor being occluded behind menus dropdowns.
  • Fix missing available resolutions on Settings Menu dropdown.
  • Improve how Retroarch core options overriding works.
  • Fix custom room and poster textures not loading if your installation path contains special characters.
  • Make the gargoyle a bit scarier.
  • Display video / music current time on VCR displays.
  • You can now pause videos / music. (Use this button.)
  • Disable annoying elastic scrolling on inventory menu.
  • Allow .JPEG file extension for custom textures.
  • Fix not being able to hand grab object currently being grabbed by controller/keyboard.
  • Fix missing (nose) light gun in desktop mode.
  • Display scanning progress percentage on window title and taskbar.
  • Fix downloading a core multiple times in Game Scanner if you have multiple folders using a same core.
  • Fix crash in Game Scanner if you've set incompatible Retroarch settings like fullscreen mode.
  • Set ParaLLEl N64 as the default N64 core.
  • Fix Amiga games cropping.
  • Add taskbar progress to long tasks, like scanning.
  • Improve Autofill detection of folders with spaces.
  • Show list of remaining folders not detected by Autofill.
  • Improve Arcade games name and hash detection on Game Scanner.
  • Fix unstable core download speed display.
  • Add multiple core download server fallbacks. (Fixes not downloading Dolphin or MAME)
  • Fix light gun reloading on FBNeo and FBAlpha.
  • Fix broken pizza box when loading a saved room.
  • Add new "Force Virtual Desktop Streaming" shortcut to easily load EmuVR with VD without manual injection.
  • Make balls more bouncy.


Version was released to Discord on May 19, 2020.

  • Fix regression causing incorrect reflections (from


Version was released to Discord on May 19, 2020.

  • New setting in VR mode: Menu Distance.
  • Fix some games being darker than normal.
  • Fix right analog still controlling Smooth Rotation while playing a game.
  • Fix perfect-pixel rendering on some systems (regression from 1.0.8).
  • Fix blinking TVs when changing the time of day (regression from 1.0.8).
  • Fix mouse look "jumping" when a frame drops (regression from 1.0.8).
  • Fix tiny subpixel flickering from interlacing simulation.
  • Fix Vive controllers using the same command for "Reset Height" and "Switch Light".
  • Fix some glitched tooltips in light gun settings menu.
  • Fix analogs also pressing D-Pad on Citra.
  • Fix Parallel N64 rendering in highres mode by default.
  • Fix DOSBox-core core.


Version was released to Discord on May 12, 2020.

  • Fix some "Generic" consoles and cartridges having blank labels in VR mode.
  • Fix saved levels not loading any N64 consoles.
  • Fix huge frame drops for a split second on Winter and Fall just when the window enters your view.
  • Fix Winter overcast sky and fainter shadows not being undone when changing to another season.
  • Fix desktop crosshair still being hidden behind dropdowns.
  • Fix inaccurate normal map rendering for custom floor, walls and ceiling textures.
  • Fix Xbox controller teleporting.
  • Fix not being able to change height with Xbox controller.
  • Fix mouse cursor not getting really locked but just hidden if you're in VR mode.
  • Fix object rotation speed in VR mode.
  • Fix NEC PC-98 games not loading if you do have BIOS.
  • Fix still being able to grab CDs inside closed PS1 consoles with VR hands.
  • Make it easier to hover and grab CDs from PS1 consoles with VR hands.

Version 1.0.8

Version 1.0.8 was released to Discord on May 8, 2020.

  • Lots of performance and stability optimizations.
  • Single Pass Stereo rendering implementation. (Big VR performance boost)
  • Extra performance boost for games, no need to use Vsync settings anymore.
  • Performance optimizations for when not looking directly at the window.
  • Game Scanner: new diagnostics command, which generates a report file with lots of useful data and logs for #troubleshooting.
  • New settings:
    • Player Scale (VR mode only) Feel like a kid again... or pretend you're a grown up now.
    • Choose Seasons, Halloween and Christmas
  • New Graphic settings:
  • New Control settings:
  • Store some settings separately for desktop and VR modes. (Easier to crank up graphics for Desktop mode while keeping better performance for VR)
  • Increase Room Save slots from 5 to 14.
  • New hand controller commands for changing your height in VR. Now it's easier to align yourself with your TVs.
  • New button for a quick and easy step back in teleport mode. Undo that accidental teleport.
  • Light Guns:
    • New setting: Recoil.
    • You can now use the D-Pad for light gun games on Dreamcast. (the only system with a Dpad on light guns)
    • Light gun reloading with mouse right click.
    • Show light gun alignment effect in real time when interacting with UI slider for easier tweaking.
    • Fix custom light gun alignment also affecting actual hands rotation.
    • Increase light gun alignment limit.
    • Fix not being able to use gamepad analog to aim in light gun games in desktop mode.
    • Recalibrate new light gun aim offsets needed for Beetle PSX after a recent update.
    • Fix light gun support for Beetle PSX HW.
    • Fix light gun Aux Buttons not working with gamepad and VR controllers for systems that connect them to the player 2 port. (Like SNES or Sega Genesis)
  • Alternative hand grabbing physics (experimental):
    • This changes how hand grabbed objects physics works.
    • They won't go through walls and furniture anymore.
    • Objects in both hands won't go through each other.
    • Objects will have proper weight when pushing through other objects (no more pushing or lifting a TV with a CD).
    • But they might be less stable.
  • Fix not being able to turn on too many consoles too fast in sequence.
  • Fix sometimes not being able to run more than 10 games simultaneously.
  • Fix sometimes being locked to 1 fps after loading games, needing to restart EmuVR or Windows to fix.
  • Fix sometimes getting only black screens from games until you restart Windows.
  • Fix not being able to start games with special characters in their paths or filenames, including "#".
  • Fix not being able to load custom labels with special characters.
  • Fix not being able to power off system without having the TV turning on first (desktop mode / VR hand pointer).
  • Fix not being able to manually power off system with disconnected cables (desktop mode / VR hand pointer).
  • Fix systems with disconnected cables shutting down automatically after a small random number of seconds, instead of it always happening after exactly 10 seconds.
  • You can now use the Attach Cable button to move one end of the cable from one TV to another, or from one console to another. (Instead of needing to remove the cables first)
  • Fix removing cable if pressing Attach Cable button on "nothing" after you selected a system/TV. It should be removed only if clicking the same system/TV again.
  • Fix missing part of the roof outside.
  • Fix glitched sunlight by the door at 5:30 AM.
  • Fix winter's overcast sky not loading until you change the time of day once after starting EmuVR or loading a room.
  • Fix it being possible to get objects stuck behind some of the furniture if you're unlucky.
  • Fix the window frame having no collision.
  • Fix CDs flickering or vanishing when resting on top of PS1 consoles.
  • Fix hands and grabbed objects dragging behind when walking, and flickering when teleporting or snap rotating. Hands should feel way more solid now.
  • Tweak object velocity when thrown with hands.
  • Fix hands not following you when changing height.
  • Fix not being able to walk, teleport or rotate when distance grabbing objects and forgetting to release the pointer button.
  • Fix not being able to walk with Xbox controller in SteamVR mode if you have any VR controller with analogs.
  • Fix having no walking deadzone for analogs in SteamVR.
  • Fix using same gamepad button for both Rotate Object and Adjust Height Down.
  • Fix objects grabbed with gamepad dragging behind when you walk.
  • Fix switched left/right trackpads for a few commands with Vive controllers.
  • Automatically lock mouse cursor when switching to full screen.
  • Fix right click unlocking mouse if you had it permanently locked.
  • Fix screens light flickering when console is off or in daylight, causing artifacts for ASW and motion smoothing.
  • Fix Oculus Link audio for some players.
  • Fix cursor/pointer/laser being hidden behind menu drop downs.
  • New crosshair design in desktop mode. Round, more transparency, less glowy.
  • Fix UI scrolling with full speed instead of using gradual analog input in SteamVR.
  • Fix gamepad button re-clicking the latest clicked UI element and undoing your changes.
  • Fix being able to accidentally change the time of day when looking at the clock and walking left.
  • Tweak hand alignment for Touch controllers.
  • Fix Vive Cosmos controllers alignment.
  • Fix Vive Cosmos controllers being detected as Vive controllers and not using all available buttons.
  • Fix glitched consoles when loading saved level if you don't have any scanned games for them anymore.
  • Game Scanner:
    • New diagnostics command for #troubleshooting.
    • Detects if you have the correct Retroarch version, 1.7.5, at start, with a button to go to the wiki if you don't.
    • Fix virtually all cases where "The patch could not be applied".
    • Show warning if trying to scan with missing core info. (Would simply not detect games)
    • More responsive progress report on files currently being scanned.
    • Fix scan progress getting stuck forever with some CHD files. (Usually from arcade games)
    • Skip CRC check for serial-less CHD files when scanning. (Faster scanning)
    • Skip unneeded CRC check for some huge serial-less files. (Faster scanning)
    • Fix window starting hidden, stuck, or wrongly sized in high DPI monitors.
    • Fix autofill detecting PS2 folders as PS1.
    • Fix duplicate games from M3U files for multi disc swapping.
    • New icon for Core Options button.
  • Fix some systems rendering wrongly stretched into widescreen mode, like Amiga and PCSX Rearmed with PAL games.
  • Fix slightly stretched and letterboxed PAL games on Beetle PSX.
  • Fix default device codes for SNES mouse.
  • Fix newer Mupen64Plus builds rendering in highres mode by default.
  • Fix black screen on Beetle PSX HW. (Software mode only)
  • Use lower resolution for music visualizer to improve performance.
  • Disable composite shader for Dreamcast and Arcade games.
  • Fix compatibility with newest Citra versions.
  • New Cores and changes:
    • New "DOSBox Core" core: way faster and more stable.
    • 4DO is now called Opera (3DO).
    • Dhwem 3 is now called Boom 3 (Doom 3).
    • HBMAME (Arcade)
    • RACE (Neo Geo Pocket / Color)
    • SMS Plus GX (Sega Master System / Game Gear)
    • X Millennium (Sharp X1)

Version 1.0.7

Version 1.0.7 was released to Discord on December 12, 2019.

  • New season: Winter.
  • Snow
  • Christmas tree and lights outside.
  • New light gun settings:
    • Custom alignment offset.
    • Haptic feedback when shooting.
    • One-handed mode.
    • Customize action when pressing or releasing grip. (E.g. spin gun, press Aux A, reload, do nothing; Or release grip to spin and grab to stop, recommended for Index controllers)
    • Custom button press when pointing up or down. (E.g. press Aux A, useful to simulate the foot pedal in Time Crisis by just pointing up; Or trigger a reload by pointing down in Area 51 without needing to shoot off-screen)
  • Update Unity version to 2018.4.12
  • Fix performance issues for some AMD and i7 CPU users.
  • Fix not being able to reload in MAME and 3DO light gun games.
  • New files allowing to setup SteamVR bindings for Index and WMR controllers even when offline.
  • Fix light gun Aux A button still being triggered when you press Aux B (for real this time).
  • Fix crosshair appearing after each light gun shot after a recent Beetle/Mednafen PSX core update (if you see that, update this core to fix it).
  • Fix Sega Master System light gun input.
  • Fix Picodrive not being available for Sega CD games in Game Scanner.
  • Fix Retroarch crashing if you swap discs using the menu.
  • Fix keyboard/mouse special input focus mode not being properly set when starting a keyboard/mouse game.
  • Discard old "retroarch\config" EmuVR override files to instead use our new "auto override" method, making it easier for users to setup their own core overrides, along with our new "console folder custom overrides".
  • Store separate resolution values for fullscreen vs windowed modes.
  • You can now resize and maximize the window. Maximized state and window size are also saved automatically.
  • New experimental setting for "exclusive fullscreen" mode. (Add an "e" to your resolution in settings.ini, like this: fs_res = "1920x1080e". Might be unstable, be careful.)
  • New experimental setting to force VSync on or off. (In settings.ini, vsync = "1" forces ON, "-1" forces OFF)
  • Obsolete cores cleaned, added a new core to Game Scanner: dhewm3 (Doom 3)


Version was released to Discord on October 31, 2019.

  • Fix light gun and hand alignments for Vive, WMR and Index controllers.
  • Fix light gun not being able to reload in some Saturn and Dreamcast games.
  • Fix missing some light gun shots in Dreamcast games if you shoot the same exact pixel position twice.
  • Fix triggering light gun Aux A and B buttons when you pressed just Aux B.
  • Fix black screen and performance issues with some cores for AMD cards since latest version. Unfortunately we learned that the PS2 (Play!) and 3DS (Citra) fix from that version just can't work with AMD cards at all, and instead it was even causing those issues to unrelated cores, so that will be enabled only for Nvidia cards from now on.
  • Fix Dinput gamepads always controlling all TVs simultaneously.
  • Fix posters 11 and 15 being replaced with default posters when updating if your images were JPG.
  • Fix duplicating cables and making spaghetti when grabbing them from your other hand.
  • Game Scanner: Fix mouse wheel not scrolling through dropdowns.
  • Obsolete cores cleaned, and new cores added to Game Scanner:
    • NeoCD (Neo Geo CD); VitaQuake II (Quake II); VitaQuake III (Quake III)

Version 1.0.6

Version 1.0.6 was released to Discord on October 21, 2019.

  • New Light Gun support.
  • New Fall season mode outside, with falling leaves.
  • Fix the black screen issue for PS2 (Play!), 3DS (Citra) and other future cores with FBO hardware rendering.
  • New object: candles.
  • New Setting to opt in for future Easter eggs and random events, including ones that may be considered "spooky".
  • Allow loading custom Retroarch overriders per system folder.
  • Improve performance when rendering lots of SNES cartridges.
  • Fix "Rift audio" setting needing a restart to be applied.
  • Fix shimmering on the window when receiving sun light.
  • Fix being able to accidentally grab or push objects while controlling a game.
  • It's now easier to set mouse, keyboard and Light Gun input modes, with semi-automatic device selection.


Version was released to Discord on August 23, 2019.

  • Widescreen videos are now properly letterboxed instead of being stretched to the whole screen.
  • Fix CTR/subpixels shader not displaying on videos and other systems that don't use scanlines.


Version was released to Discord on August 14, 2019.

  • Fix weird static reflections from '80s TV's screens appearing on the window.


Version was released to Discord on August 12, 2019.

  • Fix Open Console Tray button affecting every empty PS1 in the room when not pointing to anything.
  • Fix positional stereo audio from TVs.
  • Fix DOS games labels.

Version 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 was released to Discord on August 4, 2019.

  • New Room Save/Load feature! With cool isometric "pixel art" thumbnails to share everywhere.
  • Implement full Touch controller support parity to SteamVR mode. This means better controls when streaming to the Oculus Quest (still not officially supported!), and actual support to the Valve Index controllers and Windows Mixed Reality controllers in combination with our official SteamVR input bindings uploaded to Steam Workshop.
  • New ingame Settings Menu, with instructions as tooltips for each option. No need to mess with .ini files anymore. For now we've got just the same options we already had in the .ini, but more settings are coming soon!
  • New setting to remove all objects at start. Clean your room!
  • New objects: backpack, chocolate milk, juice box, shoes, skateboard, flashlight.
  • New TVs: PVM and a new 80s' model.
  • New system: VCR and VHS.
  • Add new shelf model to display your stuff, replacing the old cabinet.
  • Walls, floor and ceiling textures now align perfectly at every corner.
  • You can now add different custom textures for each wall.
  • Default wallpaper is now blueish instead of salmon (you can always go back by using the default wallpaper example, still salmon).
  • Better looking and faster Ambient Occlusion, with quality settings.
  • Optimizations to be able to not preload every label texture at start anymore, allowing for more games, unless you scroll through the whole menu in a single session, as they're loaded as they're seen (experimental).
  • Fix pizza box tearing apart.
  • The phone "works" now, and has a cable.
  • Every object now has proper weight, resulting in more accurate physics.
  • Balls have bounciness.
  • New light switch model with sound, now actually synchs with the ceiling light.
  • Updated to Unity 2018.4
  • Updated Oculus and SteamVR SDKs.
  • Improved physics stability and performance.
  • Improved cable physics performance.
  • Improved inventory menu performance.
  • Lots of internal optimizations for performance, stability and memory usage improvements.
  • Fix spawning duplicate games and systems at start if you have too few games.
  • Fix buttons highlighting getting stuck sometimes.
  • Fix closed hand still highlighting objects.
  • Fix dropped frames when showing the menu for the first time.
  • Fix systems menu buttons' names not hiding when scrolling beyond the window.
  • Fix inventory list loading stopping in half if you hide the menu too fast.
  • Fix menu flickering when using the mouse.
  • Fix games still running after deleting their console or TV.
  • Fix seeing through TVs when trying to check them pixels and going past the screen.
  • Fix distance grab being weird when grabbing a system still calculating the cable connection path.
  • Fix animation for cable connection path finding not being loaded.
  • Console commands will also work when pointing to their attached games (no need to turn your aim to the side to power on / close lid after inserting a game).
  • Fix error in Game Scanner when downloading cores that don't exist anymore.
  • New cores added to Game Scanner:
    • FinalBurn Neo (Arcade) (replaces FB Alpha); Mupen64Plus-Next (Nintendo 64) (replaces Mupen64Plus); Flycast (Dreamcast) (replaces Reicast); Play! (PlayStation 2) (does not work with EmuVR yet); Mesen-S (SNES); VICE x64sc Accurate (Commodore 64); VICE xpet (Commodore PET)


Version was released to Discord on May 27, 2019.

  • Fix an issue where you wouldn't hear anything from the games on your Oculus Rift S internal headphones.
  • Improve virtual hands alignment with Vive controllers.


Version was released to Discord on May 21, 2019.

This is a smaller patch released while the next actual update is still being worked on in parallel. This brings support for more refresh rates in preparation to the Oculus Rift S and Vive Index launches, while merging all the smaller patches released in the server along the way, for a simpler installation process.


  • Synch physics to new detected refresh rates when rendering with new HMDs like the Oculus Rift S and Valve Index, fixing physics judder when not rendering at 90Hz in VR.
  • Fix the White ring/glow for good, without any workarounds or settings to enable, with no performance impact at all, for everyone. It's just fixed.
  • Fix the screen shaking when highlighting objects for some Oculus users.
  • Fix custom bedroom textures offset values not being applied.
  • Add a black and silver rim to PS1 CDs.
  • New setting to disable Rift's internal audio for games if you're using external headphones. No need for disabling audio devices anymore.
  • Made Stella2014 the default core for Atari 2600, as the previous one is broken now.
  • New and returning cores added to the Game Scanner:
    • BlastEm (Sega Genesis); Beetle PCE(PC Engine / SuperGrafx / CD); MESS 2015 (Various); QUASI88 (NEC PC-8001 / PC-8801); Reicast WinCE (Sega Dreamcast WinCE); YabaSanshiro (Sega Saturn)


Version was released to Discord on March 02, 2019.

This is a hotfix patch that fixes a lot of different bugs. Additionally, games should run faster in EmuVR again.


  • EmuVR should no longer crash when turning on some systems only at night, in Oculus mode only.
  • Re-enabled threaded video by default, which will make your games run faster and fix stuttering on some machines. This was accidentally disabled in the 1.0.4 update last week, so your games should now be faster again.
  • The new wall clock UI will no longer appear in reflections.
  • Game Scanner will now show the proper number of games counted; previously this number was being subtracted by 1.
  • Fixed hands still highlighting objects while being hidden from using gamepad / keyboard input.

Version 1.0.4

Version 1.0.4 was released to Discord on February 24, 2019.


  • Mouse and Keyboard input for games
    • This increases the working cores list, which will now include: DOS, Commodore 64 / 128 / PLUS4 / VIC20, Commodore Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari 5200, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon, NEC PC-98, Sharp X68000, ScummVM, ZX81
    • This also allows for playing some games for cores that support mouse or keyboard as extra peripherals, like Mario Paint for the SNES and The Typing of the Dead for Dreamcast.
    • Enabling this feature might not be very straightforward for some cores, so check the new instructions: Keyboard and Mouse Input for Games


  • Wall clock: if you try to change the time while in "real system time", it will now just automatically switch into "custom time" mode.
  • Wall clock: new visual indications when you point to it, helping new users being aware that you can change the time.
  • Pressing Esc does not instantly close EmuVR anymore. The new shortcut is Shift + Esc.
  • Press H to hide/show the HUD (crosshair and object highlighting).
  • The music player core will now show an animated audio visualizer on the screen.
  • New setting to to hide the baseboard.
  • Disable NTSC shader and/or scanlines for systems that aren't supposed to use them. Ex: DOS and Vectrex. (More to come)
  • Hide hands when using gamepad or keyboard. Show hands again when using hand controllers. To be able to find your hidden hands (as you need to touch your hand controllers before they reappear), use the Force Show Hands command.


  • The DOSBox cores are now way faster than before in EmuVR.
  • White glow/ring fix for some SteamVR players. Only use this if you actually need it: White glow fix instructions.
  • Fix core overriders causing Retroarch to ignore config appending. This fixes the need for the previous N64 patch.
  • Fix hands still casting (glitchy) shadows while being invisible from grabbing an object.
  • Fix EmuVR crashing when videos finish playing on some machines.
  • Fix analog input also pressing the DPad for Gamecube games.
  • Fix screen images being slightly cut at the edges.
  • Fix custom labels not loading if your EmuVR path contains brackets.
  • Fix no games at all even showing in the menu if your EmuVR path has a single unmatched bracket.
  • Fix hand pointer not being disabled when you grab an object from the menu with Vive controllers (now you can grab with both hands)
  • Fix that using the "Attach cables" button would sometimes try to start attaching them again after completing the action.
  • Fixes 100% GPU usage on "Fastest" by enabling Vsync for all quality presets. (Those presets are just temporary, proper graphics quality settings are coming soon)

Game Scanner:

  • Game Scanner: New "Core Options" dialog. Currently you can only toggle mouse and keyboard input. More options to come in the future.
  • Game Scanner: Change how DOSBox games are added, preventing every random exe file in the folder to be scanned into the playlist. Check the new section to learn how to do that: Adding DOSBox Games
  • Game Scanner: New "Update Core List" button. This does not update or redownload your cores, it just updates the list.
  • Game Scanner: Fix scan results for Arcade and NeoGeo games.
  • Game Scanner: Check if the patch was actually applied successfully, making it easier to diagnose this rare issue.
  • New Cores:
    • EasyRPG (RPG Maker 2000/2003), Craft (Minecraft clone), DOSBox-SVN Glide (DOS), Mupen64Plus-Next (Nintendo 64), Kronos (Sega Saturn), PrBoom (Doom), TyrQuake (Quake 1), MAME 2015 (Arcade), FreeChaF (Fairchild Channel F), SimCoupe (SAM Coupe)


Version was released to Discord on December 15, 2018. New:

  • Emissive textures for floor/ceiling/walls customization. They'll glow at night!
  • Fix the previous version's N64 DPad fix not being applied properly.
  • Fix gamepad mode reticle going through static objects.

Version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.3 was released to Discord on December 09, 2018.


  • TV glass thickness shader.
  • Customizable floor and ceiling textures.
  • Normal and gloss/roughness maps to custom wallpaper, floor and ceiling textures.
  • Screen Space Reflections. DESKTOP MODE ONLY
  • Adjust your height.


  • Slight performance boost: threaded video is now enabled by default. (Huge performance boost for some specific hardwares)
  • Reduced the Moirรฉ effect from scanlines on higher resolution videos and games, like Dreamcast games.
  • Show EmuVR build version in the window title.
  • It's now easier to physically grab objects from the Inventory Menu with your hand through it.


  • Teleport arch being blocked by dynamic objects in your other hand.
  • Sun and moon light shimmering when shining on the window.
  • Black screen on Dreamcast (Reicast) core newer version. If you get a black after this EmuVR update, update your Reicast core: delete "EmuVR\RetroArch\cores\reicast_libretro.dll" and click "Download Missing Cores" in the Game Scanner.
  • For Nintendo 64 cores (both), using the analog also pressed the DPad. Fixes playing games such as Goldeneye.

Version 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2 was released to Discord on October 20, 2018.


  • Gamecube and Dreamcast cores support.
  • Experimental streaming support from URLs. (See Streaming for instructions.)
  • Prevent duplicate systems from the random spawner, if possible.
  • Increase interaction distance for gamepad when pointing to the clock and ceiling fan lamp.


  • Buttons are now easier to press with your hand in VR.
  • Fix everything being shiny when starting at night time.
  • Fix buttons staying highlighted forever when grabbing an object.
  • Fix cables disappearing when using distance grab.
  • Fix window blinds shimmering from the moonlight.
  • Fix higher CPU usage when using real time clock at night.

Game Scanner:

  • Skip CRC check for big files.
  • Fix duplicate entries for Dreamcast games.
  • Fix Retroarch scan part not working properly if there are any spaces in your path.
  • Update unused cores list.


Version was released to Discord on October 11, 2018.

  • Fix label loading breaking if you changed any label resolution setting to anything that's not "1"

Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 was released to Discord on October 10, 2018.


  • Sort games and systems alphabetically in the inventory.
  • Hold button combination to reset level.
  • New editable settings file. Some settings are also saved from ingame changes, like the time.
  • 30% chance of starting at night (if you never changed the time manually before).
  • We now have Pretendo 64, Phony GameStation, Capitalism Cola and Pizza Luv models.
  • More custom poster places (e.g. the door).


  • Pillow custom texture works
  • Fix randomly spawned systems at start still being "Generic" and not connectable to any game media after detaching game.
  • Fix tiny TV not being tiny.
  • Fix not being able to power off system if Retroarch couldn't run a game for some reason.
  • Fix Retroarch crashing when pressing F (it tried to go fullscreen)
  • Fix Space bar toggling turbo mode.
  • Fix Tab key closing games.

Game Scanner:

  • New media types: Video and Music
  • Fix The One (1) Issue
  • Fix empty line in the playlist file making games not load
  • Fix error downloading cores if you didn't open Retroarch once (it's not needed anymore)
  • Fix media list repeating itself below after using Autofill
  • Retroarch scanning part now shows progress correctly.

Version 1.0 (Beta Launch)

Version 1.0 was released to Discord on October 02, 2018.