New TV and Lighting

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  • DieKatzchen
    Hey, are you still looking for a good source of game labels? Because I stumbled on and they have a pretty good collection, as well as a web api for grabbing them automatically.
    • EmuVR
      Yes, we are, mostly for cart labels, and that site is amazing! Tons of good quality cart labels. Thank you, this really helps!
  • DieKatzchen
    Just found another database. No scraping API, but it's a database of printable game boxes for Nintendo consoles. And they use standard templates so you could automate making virtual boxes from them. Seems like it could be useful to you.
  • Cho
    I just want to say this looks absolutely incredible. This is exactly what I hoped would come about when I got my Vive and am excited to be able to play these old games in nostalgic environments with friends that live thousands of miles away now... I'm lost in the idea of being able to sit on the floor staring at what was an impossibly high up mitsubishi crt playing thunder and lightning on my NES...
  • Mario
    Is there anyway the "game library" could be like an old school rental store? It'd really be something to see the classic game's boxes on shelves, and then like you grab it off the shelf and you just instantly warp home and can pop it in. Not an actual rental process or anything, just for aesthetics, food for thought!
  • lukeycold
    This is so cool, I can't wait for a release even if it's only one emulator working that's already something that many people would kill for. Also, out of curiosity what made you decide to make this project?
  • Peter Lundberg
    Hello there VR, i would love to try this software out, is there any Alfa/Beta testing yet? cheers

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