Bedroom Appearance Customization

Did you know you can customize your bedroom’s appearance?

Custom textures for posters, bed, walls.
Since last week’s update: floor and ceiling.

Since 10 minutes ago’s update: glowing textures!

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  • johan
    keep doing a good job, you doing an incredible work
  • Dark-Star2018
    Holy crap...I could customize it to look like my old bedroom??? Literally crying right now. No-kidding, seriously, really and truly bawling at my desk. I really COULD get back my room and play with friends again. You have no idea how much you're making a wish come true.
  • StevieD
    WOW! looks awesome! I'd love to have a play on the old consoles. love the way you move the tv cable to other consoles too! Great job you're doing, keep it up and look forward to the complete package. :D

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