Netplay Update

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  • Miller
    Really incredible stuff. Just got my headset, and emuvr is the thing I'm most excited to try!
  • Grumpycurmudgeon
    After watching the netplay video. To say the least, I was immensely impressed beyond an content preview ever seen before. At the end of video, the best thing I could say about it, was I was sold on this idea on what this represents. Being someone born in late 80s, growing up 90s. It really was the pinnacle of everything video games. And with this not only van we get an excellent place to be able to experience most of what we grew up on, but also selling us the idea about customizing experience. That goes into editing your bedroom like if I'm reality, then having multiple t.v screens. With one as the t.v and or movie player having streaming of show's. Then the thing that brings everything together as the complete with it can't get any better than this. Having online friends the ability to hop around to each others room. With the games being played in multiplayer, or just having others watch the game played by one, or just taking turns. It's safe to say that with Emuvr, this is the play. Maybe I made excellent logo slogan, lol. No seriously I just randomly came across this and glad I did.

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